English Orpingtons



Silver Laced English Orpingtons are beautiful large breed birds with friendly, docile personalities. Our flock has crisp lacing and are lovely birds. They are good layers and can be broody hens as well. Our breeding stock of Silver Laced Orpingtons is from a combination of EWE Crazy Farms and Daniel V (Carolina Rare Chicks) lines.

In 2018, we have added several new colors of Orpingtons.

Lavender/Lavender Mottled/Porcelain/Isabel English Orpingtons will give a wonderful mix of color possibilities from beautiful Orpingtons. They are similarly friendly and docile large breed birds. Our Lavender/Lavender Mottled/Porcelain/Isabel Orpingtons are from the imported Fancy Chick lines.

Blue Silver Orpingtons are another exciting new addition to our flock. They are from Viking Orpington lines. We are excited to see how these little ones turn out.