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Exciting New Additions to Our Flock for 2018!


We are very pleased to announce a number of new additions to our flock this year.  It will be exciting to watch these chicks and young birds grow out this season. We look forward to being able to offer chicks and hatching eggs for all of these breeds in the future.

  • Blue Silver Laced Orpingtons – An exciting laced color of Orpington in addition to our existing Silver Laced Laced Orpington flock. These chicks come from Viking Orpingtons.
  • Lavender/Lavender Mottled/Isabel/Porcelain Orpingtons – Fun new colors of docile and friendly Orpingtons. We acquired chicks in these colors that are from Fancy Chick lines. We also brought in unrelated Lavender Mottled Orpington chicks from Eye of the Rooster Farm to bring in some genetic diversity.
  • Blue Cream and Cuckoo Silkies – We added these lovely colors of Silkies this year.  We are pleased to add these colors to the variety of colors of Silkies in our flock, which includes Splash, Blue, Black, White, and Lavender colors.
  • Black Copper Marans – Beautiful birds and dark egg layers that are a hardy breed. Our BCM chicks came directly from Greenfire Farms, who have an APA Certified flock of Black Copper Marans.
  • Crevecoeurs – An exotic and rare French breed recently imported to the United States by Greenfire Farms. We have acquired Blue and Black Crevecoeurs chicks directly from Greenfire Farms.

We have also added additional chicks this year to increase the flock size and genetic diversity of our flocks of Deathlayers, Olandsk Dwarfs, Liege Fighters, Salmon/Blue Salmon Faverolles, and Spitzhaubens. It should be an exciting year for our flock and for our farm.

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