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Choosing Breeds to Suit Your Needs

Before you get chickens (or before you add to your flock) consider what breeds are the best fit for your purpose and for your climate.  Finding chicken breeds that are best suited for your needs and for the climate that you will be raising them can make a big difference.

Fortunately, choosing the right breed does not have to be as difficult as your may think.  Information is readily available online as to which breeds are suited to particular climates and what breeds are better suited to a particular purpose (i.e. laying breeds, meat birds, dual-purpose birds or pets).  On our website, we have informational sections about our breeds. Also, resources like have a great deal of information about almost any chicken topic that you can dream up. So take a few minutes to do some research because that can definitely make things easier for you in the long run!

Currently, our farm is focused on laying breeds and exotic breeds, as well as some heritage and pet breeds (our Silkies!).

Since our winters on the mountain can be surprisingly brutal at times, we also look for our breeds to have cold-tolerance and be overall hardy breeds. Another factor that we consider when choosing our chickens is the ability to thrive whether they are free-ranging or spending more time confined in runs.  While ideally we would love to have our birds free-ranging as much as possible, predator issues and weather sometimes restrict that possibility.